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Training for members of House Darksun is conducted twice a week at 7a Kitchener St, North Beach.

Tuesday and Thursday nights - Kriegerschule

The teaching and application of martial techniques from a variety of modern and traditional sources. We train in the Main Hall of the Charles Riley Reserve Community Center, 7A Kitchener Street, North Beach,


Class runs from 18:30-20:30.


 A typical lesson structure on Tuesday and Thursday nights will start with a warm up and exercises that help build strength specific to swordplay. The head instructor will teach swordplay techniques building on what the class has already learned. After some slow drills members will have time to run through these techniques and have the opportunity to spar with other fighters during the open floor session towards the end half of the class.

New students are encouraged to attend training to watch what it is we do and how we train. If you like what you see, sign up and start training under our head instructor - Jim Campbell. We train with various weapon systems (German longsword, sword, sword and buckler as well as dagger) starting with steel.
We encourage all fighters to train with steel weapons while learning the basics because the steel sword simulators move and feel very different to nylon sword simulators.

There is limited loan gear available (including swords and fencing masks) for beginners. Students are encouraged to manage and obtain the required safety gear as they progress. A full kit includes fencing mask, gloves, protective armour for knees, elbows and body for your chosen weapon system. 

For the intermediate and advanced students you will be required to have your own sword and HEMA kit.